The grant scheme advertised on this web site has now ended.

A new scheme has started recently, details of which can be found on our main Free Insulation site: Click here to find out more.

We work in the following areas of the North East of England:

Postcodes for Newcastle: NE1,2,3,4,5,6,7,13,15

Postcodes for North Tyneside: NE7,12,13,25,26,27,28,29,30

Why Install Cavity Wall Insulation?

If your property has un-insulated Cavity Walls, as much as 35% of the heat in your home could be escaping through the roof. Insulating your Cavity Walls could save you as much as £115 per year on your heating bills! It can also reduce CO2 emissions by around 600kg.

Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Without a grant, Cavity Wall insulation can cost in the region of £600 to install. Cavity Wall Insulation grants are available across the UK but in Newcastle and North Tyneside, a more generous scheme exists.

All residents qualify for a grant and in many cases, the work can be carried out free of charge. If you do not qualify for a free grant, partial grants are available that can cover the majority of the cost, leaving you with just £99 to pay!

Click here to see if you qualify for Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Saves up to £115 per year on bills.
  • Cuts CO2 emissions by 600kg.
  • Blown into gap between brickwork.
  • Fitted by approved installers.
  • Free of charge or £99 to install.

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Materials and Installation

Cavity Wall Insulation is made from mineral wool (glass fibre). Because it is derived from sand, it fits in with the fabric of the building i.e. the bricks & mortar.

It is installed by drilling a series of 20mm holes between the T-joints in the mortar. The mineral wool is then shredded and then blown into the walls from the ground floor to the roof until they are completely filled. The holes are then filled with mortar that can be dyed to match the existing colour.

Fitting Cavity Wall insulation is straightforward to trained installers and generally takes around two to three hours to install. There may be some dust but the installers will clean up after themselves.

All cavity wall installations are backed by a 25 year independent guarantee from CIGA, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency.

Does Your Home Have Cavity Walls?

Most brick-built homes constructed between 1924 and 1982 have cavity walls. Prior to 1924, they were typically of solid wall construction and we cannot assist if this is the case. You can generally recognise a Cavity Wall because there are no square brick ends in the brick pattern:

Cavity Wall

In 1982 building regulations changed so that all new properties had to be built with Cavity Wall insulation. If your home was built from 1982 onwards, we will not be able to assist you unless you are certain that the walls were not insulated from new (e.g. your neighbours have had the work carried out).
EnergyLink will pass your application to our approved insulation installer for these grant schemes. They will telephone you to confirm your eligibility for a grant, answer any questions you may have and book a free, no-obligation survey of your home.

If you are happy to proceed after the survey, they will arrange the work and then claim the grant on your behalf. If you do have to pay a contribution, they will collect this from you on the day of the installation, once you are happy with the work.

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